The California-based automaker has announced the cheapest Model S luxury sedan to date – the new Model S 60 version, which sports a 210-mile range and has a starting price of $67, 200.

While not just as affordable as the upcoming Model 3, the new Model S 60 could actually spill the beans for the former – given the range of 210 miles. In the lighter and more compact Model 3 the same powertrain and battery pack could deliver slightly more range, thus enabling a 215+ miles figure. The new Model S 60 is also the lowest priced Tesla car to date – and can also be had as an all-wheel-drive Model S 60D starting at $72,200 and coming up with a 218-mile range. These prices are way better than what Tesla had on offer up until now – $90,700 and $110,700 for the flagship Model S P90 and P90D. Just as the name implies, the battery pack has a 60 kWh capacity rating – though in Tesla fashion the pack is actually capable of storing 75 KWh but the owner needs to pay more if they want the upgrade. In RWD form the Model S 60 has 315 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque, nailing a 60 mph sprint in 5.5 seconds. The 60D ups the party to 28 hp, 387 lb-ft, and a 5.2-second run to 60 mph.

While this is the base option, Tesla Model S 60 and 60D owners will be able to select any of the options offered on the higher-spec models and while Model 3 buyers are left out, they get free access to the Supercharger network. Even the Autopilot function is available, because Tesla factory-installs all the necessary hardware, but enabling the semi-autonomous driving capability will need an investment of $3,000. Upgrading to the 75-kWh battery pack rating is also available for the 60 and 60D owners – they pay $9,000 and driving range jumps to 49 and 259 miles, respectively. And more importantly, no hardware changes are required so buyers can do the upgrade at any time after the purchase – via a simple software upgrade.



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