Tesla introduces the Enhanced Autopilot to compatible vehicles image

The California-based luxury electric manufacturer has kept its promise to update the software of its newly upgraded vehicles – though initially only a limited amount of 1,000 vehicles will get it.

The new, “Enhanced Autopilot” system has only been made available on 1,000 cars but all of the customers getting the update and having cars on the “Hardware 2″ level will be able to access the new features. Among the update we can mention Autopilot’s Traffic Aware Cruise Control feature, Forward Collision Warning, and Autosteer. The latter for now can only be used as a beta feature and at low speeds – and represents the company’s “first phase” of new autonomous features. “We’ve designed these new Autopilot features to give you more confidence behind the wheel, increase your safety on the road, and make driving in traffic less frustrating,” reads a company statement. “Similar to the autopilot function in airplanes, you need to maintain control and responsibility of your vehicle while enjoying the convenience of Autopilot in Model S.”

The vehicles part of the “Hardware 2″ bundle – which came out some months ago on the facelifted Model S and regular Model X have 12 ultrasonic sensors and eight cameras – and they are part of Tesla’s autonomous masterplan to make its cars “substantially safer than a human driver,” with the owner getting to “not doing anything.” Tesla is looking to deliver fully autonomous capabilities to all Tesla vehicles in the coming years.

Via Electrek