Tesla is producing more than 400 Model S vehicles weekly image

Tesla has recently announced an important figure on the Model S’ production, which has just passed the 400 unit-per-week mark mark.

“By the end of 2012, we had successfully increased production volume to over 400 vehicles per week and we have continued to consistently produce at or above this rate during the first quarter of 2013”, the carmaker said in its first quarterly earnings report of 2013. “We expect that this production level will allow us to achieve our goal of 21,000 Model S deliveries worldwide in 2013 and thereby significantly increase automotive sales, as compared to 2012.”

As a quick reminder, the Tesla Model S is a full-size electric four-door sports sedan, produced by Tesla Motors. The model has been in production since 2012 and it’s currently assembled in Fremont, California, U.S. The Tesla model S has a rear-motor, rear-wheel drive layout and it’s available in three versions, the 85 kWh, with 420 HP (310 kW) and 600 Nm of torque (443 lb-ft), the 85 kWh with 360 HP (270 kW) and 440 Nm of torque (325 lb-ft) and 60 kWh, with 302 HP (225 kW) and 430 Nm of torque (317 lb-ft). All versions are getting a single-speed fixed gear transmission.