Tesla is surveying battery factory locations image

Tesla Motors, the California-based US luxury electric car maker, is currently on the look for the construction site of the $5-billion projected car battery factory, with five competing US states in the race.

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and Tesla co-founder, mulls its new factory as the biggest in the world – dubbing it the Gigafactory – a project that is much needed in order for Tesla to improve its sales. The automaker already strains the supply chain for its Li-Ion cells that form the battery packs, and with two new models in sight the company desperately needs a bigger flow.

The Dallas Morning News has reported Tesla’s latest scouting work, with a southern Dallas County, Texas location mulled as a proposed Gigafactory location. Although the location hasn’t been identified – the electric carmaker keeps its secrets close – the director of transportation for the Regional Transportation Council spilled the beans after he hinted the aforementioned area would need further transportation enhancements.

The company has so far named four states as prime contenders – Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas – while also adding on the shortlist at a later time the home state of California. According to Musk, Tesla could break grounds in two separate locations at the same time to speed up the process and for insurance purposes –