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According to the bold an ambitious US entrepreneur of Tesla and Space X fame, Elon Musk, self-driving cars – essentially robots – that can take over most of the driving from their human handlers will be ready for the road within three years.

Tesla Motors, which startled traditional automotive giants such as General Motors and Renault-Nissan with its electric cars, is now joining the race to build cars that can drive themselves, Mr. Musk, the chief executive, said.

“We should be able to do 90 per cent of miles driven within three years,” he said. Mr Musk would not reveal further details of Tesla’s autonomy project, but said it was “internal development” rather than technology being supplied by another company. “It’s not speculation,” he said.

The attempt to build a driverless car would see Tesla overtake Google, which three years ago fired the starting gun in this technological race but has since struggled to find a partner to build the cars.

The company is currently advertising a new job for an engineer “responsible for developing vehicle-level decision-making and lateral and longitudinal control strategies for Tesla’s effort to pioneer fully automated driving” on its website.

“My opinion is it’s a bridge too far to go to fully autonomous cars,” Mr. Musk said in an interview with the Financial Times. “It’s incredibly hard to get the last few per cent.”

He said, however, that Tesla was working on a plan that would allow drivers to turn on a form of “auto-pilot” in most situations that would allow the vehicle to take over control. This marks the latest attempt by Mr. Musk to gain a technological jump on the rest of the industry after his company’s luxury sedan, the Model S, became the first profitable electric vehicle this year.

Via Financial Times

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    This could but end for the Tesla's debris collision problems. Autopilot can easily detect and deflect potentially dangerous debris.