Tesla Model 3 emerges in new pictures, this time on location in San Francisco image

The Model 3 is among the hottest models the current roster of the automotive industry has to offer, so we’re naturally interested in seeing the latest crop of pictures that have surfaced online.

The Tesla Model 3 beauty shots include a very American scenery view of the model cruising along the Golden gate area – so the location issue has been covered. Maybe the shots belong to a larger portfolio the company is preparing for the second phase of reveal – which should include the definitive final design of the Model 3. It appears that while the company did send the prototype of the Model 3 at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area for a photo shoot, the pictures we’re seeing belong to lucky bystanders. We can also be almost sure this is not the final design of the all-electric sedan, with Musk claiming the design team still needs some time to pen the final take of the crucial car.

Tesla Model 3 emerges in new pictures, this time on location in San Francisco 3

We also know the top roster at Tesla is preparing for the global audience another “big” event for the Model 3 before the end of the year and this most likely the venue to sport the production series Model 3. And yes, those over 400,000 people who made deposits for the Model 3 didn’t actually see the real car. As far as the exterior design we’re pretty sure it won’t get too many modifications – but another story goes for the cabin. The prototypes so far captured in the wild have showed a simple layout with a massive landscape-oriented central screen and a not so upscale looking steering.

Via Detlef Knobloch?DatCode, insideevs.com