Tesla Model 3 getting Smart Air Suspension on dual motor from 2018 image

Elon Musk took to his usual PR venue – Twitter – to recently confirm the previously hinted arrival of a Smart Air Suspension system on the Tesla Model 3, alongside the dual motor configuration, from early next year.

The new optional system is apparently going to become available on the configurator for the Model 3 “in about six months or so,” linked exclusively to the dual-motor AWD performance version. Initially the Smart Air Suspension was a $3,000 option on the Model S, but it’s now standard across the range for the pricier sedan. Right now, the Tesla Model 3 in its two evrsions comes equipped with a double wishbone suspension with coil-over twin-tube shock absorbers and a stabilizer bar up front – the rear setup includes an independent multi-link setup, also with twin-tube shock absorbers and a stabilizer bar.

So far initial reviews have been very positive on the suspension setup – most calling it a bit firm respective to ride quality. The air suspension and AWD should make things even better – and also allow the choice of option to users, who might want more comfort for longer rides and sportiness for quick handling bursts. In addition, thanks to GPS tagging, the smart air suspension will raise the Model 3 when going over speed bumps and lower itself for improved aero efficiency when cruising at high speed.