Tesla Model 3 production kicks off this week, deliveries start end of month image

The California-based electric automaker has just went against its regular string of tardiness, because they happily announced the official launch date for the production Model 3.

In his usual quick and expedited way of revealing PR information via Twitter, CEO Elon Musk confirmed Tesla Model 3 “passed all regulatory requirements” and the first few examples should roll out the assembly lines this very Friday. This means a few hundred thousand people will be quite happy – those over 400,000 persons that hold Model 3 reservations, to be more precise. The Model 3 is surprisingly – given the company’s record – on time since Tesla has been touting a start of production in July since 2016 when they were forced to rework their schedule after the abundance of reservations.

“Model 3 passed all regulatory requirements for production two weeks ahead of schedule. Expecting to complete SN1 on Friday,” commented Musk on Twitter. Most likely SN1 means serial number one, and we also know a little bit about the ramp up in production. According to part orders, 1,000 units per week for the current month would be manufactured, slowly surging to 5,000 units per week by the end of the year. The launch event is also scheduled for July 28th, when the first example will be handed out, most likely. The roll out will first see employees take hold, then current Tesla owners in California and afterwards everybody else.

Via Electrek