Tesla Model 3 (very) early rumor roundup image

We’re still roughly at least two years from the moment that Tesla Motors, the youngest publicly traded automaker, will unveil its third model in the lineup – dubbed Model 3 – but the upcoming “affordable” car has come into focus recently.

The electric-power only carmaker is getting ready to deliver later on this year the first Model X crossovers, but the coming Model 3 also got its fair share of news buzz over the past couple of weeks. We already know the car should be priced at around $35,000 before any government subsidy – roughly half what is charged today for the base Model S. Its range is also known – around 200 miles, with the possibility of longer-range variants. Tesla chief executive officer and co-founder Elon Musk also hinted at the design direction for the car during a February earnings call: ”We got quite adventurous with the [Model] X…that would be too risky given the Gigafactory and everything sort of has to happen on time. We’re not going to go super crazy with the design of the initial version of the 3.”

Now, for the latest batch of details. First off, the Model 3 designation – which also stands for third generation Tesla architecture – might actually be used for a family of models, including a sedan and crossover. Musk in June also hinted the Model 3 might be equipped with the same motor options bestowed today on the Model S – a single motor option at the base and a flagship all wheel drive offering with dual motors powering front and back wheels. Production is also under discussion now, after the company purchased a 500,000-square-foot building where solar cell maker Solyndra once handled manufacturing.

Via Forbes