Tesla Model S – 50 units produced image

Tesla has recently announced that 50 units of the Model S have been produced so far out of which 29 have been delivered to customers.

After the very first Tesla Model S has been delivered to a lucky customer in June this year, the green vehicle is once again entering our news, this time with the car company announcing that 50 units have been produced so far. According to the automaker, out of the 50 units manufactured, 29 have been delivered to new customers.

“We have now produced 50 cars that received unanimous signoff from Elon and the entire quality team. The ramp up is continuing and we are getting a lot of invaluable information from having all these cars on the road. We have already logged more than 39,000 miles on the first 50 cars”, said George Blankenship, the Worldwide Sales and Ownership Experience vice president.

As a quick reminder, the Tesla Model S has a starting price of 49,900 USD and the entire production for 2012 has been sold out since earlier this year. Tesla says that an upgrade package, which has been named the Model S Performance, is adding features like the Nappa leather with Alcantara accents in the cabin, carbon fiber accents for the exterior, a high-performance drive inverter, active air suspension with sport-tuned traction control and upgraded wheels and tires. The 60kWh model costs 59,900 USD but for the 85kWh version, 10,000 USD extra will be added. Standard equipment includes a 17-inch touchscreen infotainment and 19-inch alloy wheels.