Tesla Model S becomes a convertible image

If you ever dreamed about owning both an electric car and a convertible, you should know that in the US such things are possible. So, here we have the very official Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) Tesla S Convertible.

Maybe you’re one of the folks who hated Tesla for dropping the Roadster model from the line-up and adding instead only the very luxurious Model S sedan. And since by now anyone appreciates the very simple but yet very beautiful design of the S luxury electric – there’s a good thing that someone came up with a professional conversion to a convertible.

The guys at Newport Convertible Engineering are already famous for making a weird Range Rover droptop after specializing in taking coupes and sedans and tearing their roof apart. And their latest project is so enticing that a Chinese investor ordered 100 – and Tesla hasn’t even started officially sell its normal cars there.

The NCE conversion took about six months in the making, and Al Zadeh, the company’s CEO, said that “some sections needed restructured,” in order to maintain structural rigidity intact. With the buyer supplying the donor vehicle, the price of the conversion is of $29,000 for a soft-top version or of $49,000 for the hard-top edition.