Tesla Model S destroyed seconds after being picked up image

The owner of a brand new Tesla Model S has enjoyed his ride for just a few seconds because he has managed to crash it basically just a few seconds after picking it up.

We have seen expensive car crashes before and some of them were quite spectacular but I don’t think that we have seen such a driver who managed to crash his new ride literally just a few seconds after picking it up. The vehicle talked about is a brand new Tesla Model S which ran just a few meters before needing some good mechanics to return it to its former glory.

According to the guys from the popular electric vehicle in question has been crashed by its new owner in the yard of the dealership, at the company’s manufacturing facilities, in Freemont, California. As you can see from the image posted above, the Tesla Model S has suffered some considerable damage. The good news is that the owner will probably not pay a tow truck to have it serviced but the bad news is that he will now have to rent a car and chances are it will end up in a similar situation like the one pictured above.