Tesla Model S Electric Sedan Launched With NVIDIA Digital Dashboard image

NVIDIA™ Tegra™ Visual Computing Module (VCM) will make its debut on Friday, June 29th, together with Tesla Motors Model S electric sedan.

Tegra VCM, which features the same Tegra processor used for tablets and smartphones, will power the 17-inch touchscreen navigation and infotainment system, considered the largest ever built for a passenger car. Tesla Motors is the first car maker to use the Tegra VCM, offering interactive, intuitive visuals for its vehicles. Drivers will have access to more readable maps and an all-digital instrument cluster, which can be personalized from the steering wheel. The Tegra VCM computing platform offers vivid 3D graphics, energy efficiency and multimedia capabilities.

“To capture the interest of today’s consumer, automakers must innovate well beyond the traditional transportation benefits of a car,” said Thilo Koslowski, vice president and automotive practice leader at Gartner. “Automakers have to impress drivers with superior in-vehicle connectivity and interface experiences that leverage the best technology innovations available.”

Tegra VCM features the first mobile superchip that integrates video and image processors, a multicore ARM CPU and an ultra-low-power NVIDIA GeForce™ GPU. NVIDIA offers processors for the auto industry since 2004 and won until now future designs in more than 20 brands of cars.