Tesla Model S gets crashed in China image

Another Tesla Model S has been involved in a crash in China and judging by the images posted below, the servicing bill will be quite high.

Usually in the Car Crashes category we are used to saying words like McLaren, Ferrari or Lamborghini most of the times but rarely we get out of our “comfort zone” and present you with other vehicles, like this Tesla Model S. The electric sedan has ended up looking like this after the driver was attempting a U-turn and ended up hitting a lamppost and then a parked coach.

The vehicle in question has been severely damaged and it is missing its rear right wheel. Pretty much of the whole right side of the model has been destroyed and it seems that either the servicing bill will be hitting the sky or this Tesla Model S will end up as beer cans. The good news is that no one was injured in the incident despite the driver and the passenger of the electric sedan being taken to hospital. The crash took place recently in Beijing, China, and it managed to attract a lot of curious eyes.

Source: Car News China