Tesla Model S getting new base battery option of 75kWh image

The Palo Alto-based electric luxury automaker has confirmed the rumors of planting the 75 kWh battery pack inside the entry-level Model S, without mentioning the timeframe for the change.

Currently the entry-level version for the Model S is the 70D battery option, and the new version might come with the 75D moniker, reportedly leading to the demise of the 70D, just like it happened with the Model X crossover. The new option for the 75 kWh battery in the Model S range was recently tipped by the California Air Resources Board, which did it when publishing the list of eligible vehicle for the state’s single-occupant carpool lane stickers. The latter are used to allow drivers of eco-friendly vehicles certified by CARB drive in the carpool lane even if the car only has one passenger on board.

Queried by a publication about the introduction, an unnamed Tesla representative confirmed the rollout but didn’t provide any other details, such as a timeline for the new version’s appearance across showrooms. By the way, the rest of the CARB-certified versions of the Tesla Model S use the 70, 85, and 90 kWh batteries, so the rumored 100 kWh version did not make the cut as the rumor mill previously previewed. Now the range of the new 75D option is expected to surge from the current 234 miles (376 km) of the RWD 70D to about 250 miles (402 km), estimated based on the 7 percent increase in battery size.

Via Electrek