Tesla Model S Got a Near-Perfect Score from Consumer Reports image

Tesla’s Model S got a near-perfect score from Consumer Reports, citing the model’s well-crafted and quiet interior, power, as well as ‘pinpoint’ handling.

The Model S got a score of 99 out of 100, which puts the model on the first place among its electric and gas-powered rivals, such as the Fisker Karma plug-in and the Porsche Panamera sports car. The last near-perfect score offered by Consumer Reports was six years ago for the Lexus LS 460L luxury sedan manufactured by Toyota.

“Slipping behind the wheel of the Tesla Model S is like crossing into a promising zero-emissions future,” the highly influential magazine said in its review on Thursday. “It’s what Marty McFly might have brought back in place of his DeLorean in ‘Back to the Future’.”

Recently Tesla CEO Elon Musk also reported the company’s first quarterly profit in the automaker’s 10-year history, as the Model S electric sedan managed to attract a wider group of customers. Consumer Reports praised the model for its 85 kilowatt hour battery able of getting an average 200 mile range. The two main drawbacks of the model are the long charging time, up to 12 hours, and the limited range when compared with conventional gas-powered vehicles.

“When it’s left unplugged, we noted a parasitic loss of energy that amounts to 12 to 15 miles of range per day,” the magazine said. “That could be a concern if, say, the car is parked at an airport for an extended period. Tesla has promised a fix for that.”

Source: Reuters