Tesla Model S Might Have Outsold the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf in April image

Chevrolet says that its Volt was outsold by the Nissan Leaf in April and possibly by the Tesla Model S too.

Sales of Chevrolet Volt dropped 11% in April compared with the same period last month, although sales increased 3% for the first four months of this year. The Nissan Leaf surpassed the Volt for the second straight month and the Tesla Model S might have outsold both the Leaf and the Volt in April. As customers are less worried about gas prices, they are more confident in buying vehicles with internal combustion engines. On Wednesday, gas prices in the US averaged $3.52 per gallon compared with $3.81 in April 2012.

“There’s no doubt with stable gas prices out there that segment is continuing to get very competitive,” said Don Johnson, vice president of U.S. sales and service for Chevrolet.

Last month Nissan sold 1,937 Leafs, GM sold 1,306 Volts and Tesla sold around 1,600 Model S sedans. Tesla plans to sell 20,000 units of the $110,000 Model S by the end of this year. GM CEO Dan Akerson said last month that he believes sales of the Volt will boost if the company cuts the price by $5,000, but this is a tough decision to make since the model is already losing money.

Source: Freep.com