Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous software update shows power bump image

Tesla is bringing in line its two models that can be acquired right away – with an incremental software update for the Ludicrous mode showing the Model S P90D reaching the same power level as the Model X P90D.

The company’s newest software update for the Model S P90D, version 2.24.30, is allegedly coming with a subtle power boost as well – 68-horsepower (50-killowatt) for the luxurious electric vehicle. It appears the sedan, when also packing the Ludicrous mode, will have an overall output of 672 hp (501 kW), a figure verified on the dyno test bed. While Tesla has repeatedly said in the past the Model S P90D and Model X P90D were on equal terms, it appears the fact is only true after the latest software update, which came life over the air starting last week.

This is of course not the first time Tesla has been in a controversy surrounding the power level of its cars. Last year a host of Model S buyers said they were told their P85D models had a total of 691 hp – but after various testing procedures they came up with “just” 557 hp (410 kW) before any drivetrain losses on a fully charged battery. And the manufacturer ultimately proved them right after changing the advertisements to 463 hp (341 kW). One reason why the P90D has different power levels in between the updates is that Tesla probably limited the amount of power when the version first came out for safety/beta testing reasons – and now with the issues ironed out, they unleashed the full potential.

Via Electrek