Tesla Model S suspected of some serious suspension problems image

Many owners have lately reported suspension failures on their Model S, prompting US regulators to start an inquiry.

Models S customers have apparently complained for several months now that the suspension on their electric Model S is prone to failure. This news has been brought to light by a story published on Daily Kanban, which also has revealed that Tesla has tried to cover-up the problems and to force the owners to pay for the whole repair bill. According to a post on Tesla Motors Club forum, the company’s management initially refused to fix the broken suspension under warranty, but offered to pay half of the 3,100-dollar repair bill only if the owner agrees not to spread the word by signing a “Goodwill Agreement.”

“You agree to keep confidential our provision of the Goodwill, the terms of this agreement and the incidents or claims leading or related to our provision of the Goodwill. You further agree that you will not commence, participate or voluntarily aid in any action at law or in equity or any legal proceeding against Tesla or related persons or entities based upon facts related to the claims or incidents leading to or related to this Goodwill.”

Following such disclosures, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have started an investigation over the matter, which could eventually lead to forcing Tesla to issue a recall. These come after more and more buyers have lately started to show their frustration over Tesla’s cars, especially over Model X, a SUV that seems to have a lot of safety flaws as well.

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