Tesla Motors has recently announced its intention to launch the Model S in Europe, where the model will be priced from 72,600 euros once it will arrive in dealerships.

The Tesla Model S is one of the hottest models in the United States right now but Europeans will soon be able to order one from their local dealerships too because Tesla Motors is planning to launch the vehicle on the Old Continent too. According to the car manufacturer, the entry-level 40 kWH version found in the United States auto market won’t be available in Europe and the Model S will start instead with the 60 KwH version.

The starting price for the Tesla Model S in Europe will be set at 72,600 euros for the base version but if the 85 KwH model is what you’re looking for, than get ready to withdraw 83,150 from your bank accounts. The Tesla Model S Performance will set you back for 97,750 euros while the top of the line Performance Model S limited edition will start at 101,400 euros. The Tesla Model S will be launched in the UK too, in right-hand drive, and deliveries of the vehicle will start there in late 2013.


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