Tesla Model S to get high-speed tuning program image

The Tesla Model S will receive a high-speed tuning program from the car manufacturer, which will only become available in Germany, so that the vehicles could travel faster on the Autobahn.

The Tesla Model S has quickly became an icon after being favored by celebrities worldwide, stealing the crown from the previous model of choice, the Toyota Prius. The car manufacturer has some big plans for the Model S as the German market will soon receive a high-speed tuning program for the vehicle, which will allow it to hit faster speeds on the Autobahn. The announcement has been made by Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO, who declined to go into specifics.

According to the guys at transportevolved.com, the high-speed tuning program for the Tesla Model S will be free on new and pre-existing models. Besides getting the improved Tesla Model S, Germany will also have the second highest network of Tesla Superchargers outside the United States, as by the end of the year, everyone in the country will be in the range of such a Supercharger. Additional details on the upgraded Tesla Model S are limited for the moment and will probably be announced over the following months.