Tesla Motors has recently announced its plans to increase the price of the Model S but these changes won’t affect current orders or reservations.

According to the car manufacturer, the Tesla Model S will receive a price increase but this doesn’t mean that future buyers of the luxury electric car, who have placed an order for it or who have made a reservation for the model, will be affected.

“There will be a few ‘options package’ changes as part of the price increase (meaning some things that are currently considered standard equipment may become part of an optional package going forward). These changes will not apply to anyone with an existing Model S reservation prior to the effective date of the price increase who also configures their car and finalizes their order within a fair, predefined timeframe”, as the automaker is saying in its official press release.

The new starting price of the Tesla Model S hasn’t been announced yet, but as a quick reminder, the luxury electric car has been launched in the United States this summer and the entire production of the vehicle for 2012 has been sold out ever since earlier this year. the current price for the Tesla Model S stands at 59,900 USD for the 60 kWh version, while for the 85 kWh 10,000 USD will be added to the base price. The Model S is coming with Nappa leather with Alcantara acents in the cabin, carbon fiber accents for the exterior, an active air suspension and high-performance drive inverter, amongst others.


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