The aftermarket specialist has announced a new project during the Top Marques Monaco show – an aggressive aero kit for the silent but drag strip “deadly” Tesla Model S.

The tuning community is not overly interested in modifying electric cars – even expensive ones as the Tesla Model S or X – which is something to take note: no exhaust systems or lots of gears to fiddle with. We’re not going to hold a grudge against them, because Teslas come with ample power to begin with – and you can always refer to the in-house tuning technique colloquially called Easter Egg for some Ludicrous mode magic. But we’re always looking out for cool aesthetic packages – in this case a project coming from Prior Design.

Tesla Model S treated to new looks by Prior Design 10

So that nobody screams about more performance being needed, the specialists modified a Model S P100D, and fitted up front a new bumper complete with spoiler lip – while at the back we get the mandatory aero efficient diffuser. There’s also a spoiler, which Prior Design claims is working with the aforementioned diffuser to enhance downforce at higher speed. There are also different side skirts built from either Duraflex or carbon fiber, a H&R electronic lowering module and the stance is crowned by the set of 21-inch PD5 alloy wheels with 245/30-series tires in front and 295/25-rear ones. The cabin, meanwhile, has been adorned with Nappa leather, Alcantra upholstery, and carbon fiber inserts.


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