Tesla Model S was not bought with Bitcoins after all image

The Bitcoin transaction during which a man has bought a Tesla Model S was held differently than originally said and it seems that the currency used after all were U.S. dollars.

Just a week ago we were telling you that a man living in the United States has bought a brand new Tesla Model S using Bitcoins. The man apparently paid 91 Bitcoins before being able to drive his new ride home but the truth just came out recently. The man stepped into the Tesla dealership wanting to pay 91 Bitcoins for the Model S but he ended up exchanging the virtual currency for USD, which were eventually used to buy the vehicle.

“It’s like if you come into the dealership and you want to buy a Lamborghini using gold bars… We will not accept that. We will accept U.S. dollars. You go out. You exchange it. You come back to us. That’s how it worked”, said Pietro Frigerio from Lamborghini Newport Beach.

The Tesla Model S is currently being made in Fremont, California, U.S., and in the Netherlands. The model is coming in a five-door body style, with a rear-motor and rear-wheel drive, getting 416 HP (310 kW) and 600 Nm (443 lb-ft) of torque. The electric range goes all the way up to 500 km (310 miles) for the 85 kWh version. The annual fuel cost of the 85 kWh Tesla Model S is 700 USD and to make 25 miles you will pay the equivalent of 1.14 USD.