The Tesla Model ST has been recently rendered and the two images posted below might offer us a first glimpse into the so-called model if the automaker decides to put it into production.

The Tesla Model S is new Toyota Prius with celebrities all over the world and even if the problems encountered on the way would make anyone judging with his / her mind chose a different ride, the model is becoming more popular by the day. But if the Tesla Model S would gain an estate version, named the ST here, than the vehicle might attract new customers into the brand. This version would be a hit on the Old Continent and Tesla might consider putting it into production.

The Tesla Model S is coming in two versions, the 60 kWh and the 85 kWh, and the cheapest one can be bought from 59,900 USD, while the more powerful is available for an extra 10,000 USD. The Tesla Model S will soon receive a price increase which is nothing more than the company taking advantage of the high demand. The Tesla Model S has been sold out since earlier this year in the United States.

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