Tesla Model X rendered as a pickup looks trippy image

We all know Americans love SUVs and pickup trucks and have recently eschewed the crop of green vehicles thanks to gasoline as cheap as in the booming days from years ago.

But there’s one automaker that is trying to marry the love for the high-riding vehicles with the idea to save the planet and make a buck in the process – Tesla. They have introduced their much anticipated Model X crossover and now regular digital artist Theophilus Chin has decided to address the Elephant in the room – we have the SUV but lack the pickup truck. Problem solved as you can see – at least in the virtual world. If you think the idea of a fully electric pickup truck is far fetched, we ma kindly remind you in America there are even crazy but utterly cool people that drag race pickups. Imagine what the Model X’s instant torque would do to the bunch of big block V8 engine swaps and Cummins turbodiesels…

And a bunch of wealthy people – Hollywood stars, rappers and others – would immediately cuddle with such a contraption. We’re usually impressed by Chin’s crafting work when he depicts a model that is not here yet (or never will be) – though this time around we’re not really happy with the result since he based off his design on the Dacia Duster Oroch!

Via Theophilus Chin

Tesla Model X rendered as a pickup looks trippy 1