Tesla Motors has now become Tesla Inc. image

Reflecting its new found wider scope and business stance, Tesla is now officially not just an automotive manufacturer, but actually a new-age energy company – so even the name needed to change.

The transition has been prepared in advance – since July 2016 the website “TeslaMotors.com” was retired and redirected to “Tesla.com” and now it appears the “Motors” is also gone from the company’s official name. The news is official – a recent filing in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shows the new and simpler moniker: “Tesla Inc.” This is because Tesla is now not only that electric luxury car producer – and has a range of other products – such as solar roofs and batteries for both homeowners and businesses.

The new solar energy products will be offered under its own name rather than using the SolarCity brand as the company fully acquired the latter. The new solar roof panels will be integrated as a normal roof tile and according to Musk the installation will be as cheap as a standard roof. Meanwhile, the second-generation Powerwall and the Powerpack energy-storage systems will be produced at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada. As for the luxury electric car production, we’re all eagerly awaiting the presentation of the production-ready Model 3 sedan, a more affordable electric car slated to go on sale late this year.

Via Tesla.com