The California-based electric manufacturer is decidedly ready to enter the commercials sector, sending out the official invites for its ‘Tesla Semi’ introduction event in Hawthorne on November 16.

The invites also carry with them a new, official teaser image, along with the promise of no more delays for the official introduction. It was postponed to November 16 “in order to focus on Model 3 production bottlenecks and battery production to help Puerto Rico recover from power outages affecting them since they were hit by hurricanes two months ago,” according to the company. Now the date looks set in stone thanks to the official invitations sent to Tesla owners who became advocates of the brand through the latest round of the referral program for Model S and Model X.

The new teaser image also slowly reveals more of the truck’s lines, and it seems Tesla has decided to refer to it as the Tesla Truck instead of the Semi as before. The design has been leaked recently, but other than that it’s still a matter of guessing – Musk has only teased some record-breaking figures in terms of torque and handling. It’s not coming alone on the market though – Cummins has a prototype electric truck, VW is investing $1.7 billion into electric trucks and buses and Daimler also showed its own heavy-duty all-electric truck concept with ‘up to 220 miles’ range. Additionally, Tesla is expected to present a prototype this month, with the series-production version coming in the next couple of years.



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