Tesla owners can test for free the Autopilot system image

In a very interesting marketing gimmick, Tesla want to persuade its owners to buy the Autopilot self-driving tech by offering one-month free trial.

Technology-mania has invaded the automotive world for a long time and it is quite amazing to see how fast the industry has advanced in recent years. Now you can even update your car via OTA, even if this procedure is not perceived with good eyes by some customers and automakers as well, mainly because of safety-related worries. But Tesla is a company which embraces the future and it does not hesitate to make things differently than others. Tesla is proud of its Autopilot system of semi-autonomous driving aids and it wants to convince its customers that the tech is well worth it. If you have a Model S and Model X and you did not want to pay 2,500 dollars for the self-driving tech when you ordered the car, the electric automaker now gives you the chance to try it for free.

Therefore, Tesla models without Autopilot enabled are being offered one-month trial periods to check the software out. The “Autopilot Convenience Features” package also includes parking with Tesla’s Summon update that came with the car this year and if you want it permanently after the trial ends, the price increases by 500 dollars, to 3,000. All Tesla cars are fitted from factory with the hardware needed for the Autopilot, so the driver just has to access it via the model’s software.