Tesla owners get Shanghai plates worth $12,000 for free image

Buyers of the Tesla Motors Model S that live in the Chinese city of Shanghai have received another interesting perk because they drive a fully-electric car: they get to register their vehicle for free.

The city’s municipality has decided to exempt Tesla owners from paying the $12, 000 fee needed to get a new license plate. The move is part of a wide-ranging effort from the city’s officials to raise interest for the purchase of new-energy vehicles, the Chinese common term for plug-in hybrids, battery-operated electrics and fuel cell vehicles. According to Ma Jing, a vice director of the municipal government’s economy and information commission, around 400 Tesla owners in Shanghai have been rewarded with the free plates.

Richard Lan, a Beijing-based Tesla executive, says the buyers of Tesla cars get the same treatment in Hangzhou and the California-based electric carmaker is currently negotiating with other cities to get such perks.

Tesla began Chinese deliveries of the luxury Model S sedan back in April and the company is currently enhancing its dealership and charging stations network to meet billionaire Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk’s goal of local sales matching those accounted in the US home market as early as 2015. According to McKinsey & Co, China sales could overtake those in the US by 2016.

Via Bloomberg