Tesla partners with Airbnb to help owners escape “range anxiety” image

The California-based electric automaker is the youngest publicly traded American motor company and compensates the lack of experience with off the beat partnerships.

The electric auto manufacturer has just one model in its lineup and before that’s changed at the end of next month through the addition of the highly anticipated Model X crossover, the company has decided that owners of the Model S luxury sedan should have a little more peace of mind. While the company has on offer the astonishing Model S P90D that not only comes with the famous “Ludicrous Mode” (to have even better supercar-like acceleration) but also upgraded the total range of the car. But even that is not enough for some owners, which go to their high-priced shrinks to treat afflictions such as “range anxiety” – the fear of running out of battery power for the smartphone or their prized set of wheels. The latter issue is being addressed by Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and co-founder of the company, coincidentally its chief executive. His automaker is following an interesting strategy – it continuously upgrades its “supercharger” network around the world and places a myriad of normal chargers anywhere possible and even improbable.

Their latest partnership covering the latter option involves Airbnb – the giant accommodation website – and gives the option for customers moving across the US west coast the relaxation they need: 100 Airbnb hosts, carefully selected, will get the same amount of free chargers. “We’re giving Tesla owners more destinations on the open road. Airbnb and Tesla are bringing charging stations to select homes across the globe, starting with the California coast,” reads Tesla’s announcement.


  • Jim

    Reportedly: A contractor was fatally electrocuted 8/18/15 installing a Tesla supercharger at a Janaf Shopping Yard in Norfork, the day before the Tesla Supercharger’s grand opening in Norfork Virginia. A Tesla spokesman said the grand opening would be delayed because of the accident.