Tesla planning entry-level Model E image

Tesla Motors is planning to introduce a brand new entry-level sedan, which is expected to be named the Model E, and to make its way onto the market sometimes in 2015.

Tesla Motors has seen a lot of success and popularity with the brand new Model S, despite a few problems encountered by some owners, as the vehicle has become the new Toyota Prius with celebrities all over the world, who are adding such a model to their garages. The Tesla Model S is also popular in Europe these days but as not all customers can afford it, the company has decided to create a new entry-level sedan, which should offer some similar experience behind the wheel.

The announcement hasn’t been made by the carmaker and it’s actually a report, made by Der Telegraaf, which is saying that this will be named the Model E and it will be heavily influenced by the Model S. The new Tesla Model E will have an approximate range of 320 km (199 miles) and it should cost approximately 35,000 USD (25,355 EUR / 21,630 GBP) in the United States, but its price is expected to be higher on the Old Continent. More details on the Tesla Model E remain unknown for the moment.