Tesla plans further European expansion image

The US luxury electric automaker, currently America’s investor sweetheart, is moving further with its expansion plans, now announcing a further planned outlet and service center growth in Europe.

Tesla has recently been all over the news because of its planned batter capacity expansion, aiming to complete by 2017 what could become the world’s largest production facility of lithium-ion batteries. The $5-billion “gigafactory” would be located somewhere in the US southwest in order to accommodate Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk planned new energy supply – the factory would rely mostly on solar and wind electric power.

Tesla’s Model S only sold around 22,500 cars in 2013, mostly in the US, but the company is currently expanding its reach to China and In Europe it has already began delivering the electric model to countries like Germany and Switzerland – with a planned right-hand-drive version due this spring for UK sales.

Now, the company has announced its European network would grow by more than 30 sales outlets and service centers this year – supported by a matching network of battery-charging stations – called by Tesla “Superchargers”.

The aggressive moves in China in Europe are designed to allow for the planned 35,000 unit sales for 2014, with the company estimating that soon the Model S sedan combined European and Asian sales would be almost double those in North America.

Via Reuters