Tesla prepares to reveal a new masterplan image

While Tesla faces some challenging times, CEO Elon Musk twitted over the weekend he would soon present new targets for the automaker.

With his usually way of revealing all kinds of updates via social media, Elon Musk hinted through his twitter account that he is ready to point the electric car maker towards new higher goals. “Working on Top Secret Tesla Masterplan, Part 2. Hoping to publish later this week,” Mush wrote. “Part 1” of the long-term Tesla’s road-map was revealed ten years back, when the South Africa-born magnate announced on the company’s blog “The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan (just between you and me),” a strategy that called “to build a wide range of models, including affordably priced family cars.” The firm was developing at that time the Roadster model, promising a second “sporty four door family car” and a third one even more price-friendly. Fast-forwarding many years later, Model S sedan made its debut, while Model 3 is set to enter into production in 2017.

However, Tesla has a lot to deal with these days. First of all, it has many quality complaints to deal with, along with some production hiccups that made analysts doubt Musk’s target of selling 500,000 electric cars by 2018, a bold goal set on the back of the nearly 400,000 pre-orders for Model 3. Earlier this month, it said it ended the second quarter below the previous deliveries expectations. Investors are also questioning Musk’s intention of buying the SolarCity firm, a maker of solar roof panels to which he serves as chairman and principal shareholder, in a stock deal worth as much as 2.8 billion dollars. And there are also the investigations opened by the US safety regulators on Tesla’s Autopilot system, following two recent accidents, with one of them having fatal consequences.

Via Reuters