Tesla releases the very first Model Y teaser image

The California-based electric vehicle manufacturer has recently held the 2017 Annual Shareholder Meeting at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

Amidst all the business talks, the company also had time to share the first teaser image for the Model Y, the automaker’s next model – pun intended – an all-electric compact SUV that is closely related to the Model 3, set to go into series production later this month. Oddly enough, CEO Elon Musk stated the company has changed its mind and will not be using the same platform as the Model 3 for the smaller SUV but they are now looking at an entirely new architecture. Musk previously shared the hint that their new platform would be production ready in “late 2019 to 2020”.

No worries though – since just like with the Tesla Model 3, the company will showcase the design and open the reservation books. Meanwhile, the shadowy teaser images shows that similar platform or not, the Model y and Model 3 share numerous design cues. The new platform should also signal the end of use of the 12-volt battery architecture – they will discard the lead-acid battery used to power in-car electronics, and also come up with a simplified production process and fewer wires. The new production process will bring even more automation, claiming the new Model Y production lines to become “something else”, above the existing state of the art lines in the industry.