The California-based luxury automaker is making sure the upcoming Model 3 will represent a sensible investment and to also “simplify the order process” it has decided to retire the Model S 60 and 60D versions.

The automaker hasn’t killed them off yet, so if you’re not willing to wait for the arrival of the Model 3 at the end of the year – beginning of 2017 – you can still order a sensible Model S equipped with the 60 and 60D options, for the “bargain” price of at least $68,000, until April 16. Tesla hasn’t allowed the 60 series to live long – the options were first revealed last year and used a 75-kWh battery, which was actually capped electronically to around 60 kWh. For another $6,500, the owners were given the option to unlock the entire capacity of the pack – if they wanted to do that after the purchase, it would cost them around $10,000.

This was a mere play on the fact that Tesla also needed a more affordable entry-level model, as there was incredible demand for the Model 3 and since the car would take time to arrive some of its buyers might have been interested in the Model S. Anyways, all eyes are on Tesla’s $35,000 entry-level Model 3, with this version also capable of housing different battery capacities in order to accommodate longer ranges.

Via InsideEVs


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