The California-based energy company has recently announced new details about its plans during the year’s Q2 earnings call, and we’re eager to see what spicy details they have in store.

First off, the major news is that we know the exact number of Tesla Model 3 reservations – while talking with analysts about the Supercharger network, CEO Musk specifically started discussing Model 3 figures. He first rectified a mistake – e previously stated some half million units have been reserved – but they now also took into account 63,000 cancellations over the past year, with the net number being 455,000. Not major for a mainstream automaker – but clearly incredible for a company that only sells electric cars.

With every conference call, investors naturally want news about upcoming products – and we do too, Tesla didn’t disappoint – discussing the upcoming Model Y, a compact SUV. Back during Q1 earnings call, Musk surprised everyone saying the new vehicle wouldn’t be based on the Model 3 platform – and now we get back on track with the car sharing the same architecture. Another interesting fact is the model may not be called Y – thus killing off the S3XY nomenclature joke. Hopefully, they will find another letter that will add to something nice when joined by the rest of the lineup.



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