Tesla says Model S or charger not responsible over garage fire image

The “fire” on Tesla keeps getting fueled by… more fires. The electric automaker, while under review by U.S. regulators over battery-related fires, said its Model S and charging system didn’t cause a fire in a Southern California garage last month.

Tesla said that while there was a fire at the wall socket where the vehicle was plugged in, the car itself wasn’t part of the fire. Also, investigators can’t conclude whether the fire started in the wall socket or was caused by the charger, and found it had nothing to do with the battery, according to Steve Concialdi, a spokesman for the Orange County Fire Authority.

“The cable was fine on the vehicle side; the damage was on the wall side,” Tesla said of the garage fire. “Our inspection of the car and the battery made clear that neither were the source” of the fire, it said.

The Orange County Fire Authority has completed its investigation and will leave it to Tesla and insurance companies to make a final determination on the cause of the fire, Concialdi said. Typically, fire damage to the wall socket makes it difficult to determine whether the problem was caused by faulty wiring, he said.

Via Bloomberg