The company has agreed to fully refund an angry owner of a Model X, after he sued Tesla claiming there were several safety and quality issues related to its expensive electric SUV.

Another frustrated Tesla owner hit the company with a “Lemon Law” suit in May, after he spend 162,000 dollars on a Model X just to find out that the electric premium SUV is full of flaws. He made several quality claims, including the doors slamming shut on his wife and flinging open in their garage, damaging them and also their property. The auto pilot and auto park system were also not properly working. “We don’t drive it. It’s basically a really fancy car decoration,” said the customer at that time. Now it seems that Tesla managed to limit the “noise”, as the company quietly agreed to take the Model X back and settle the lawsuit. With so many complaints over Tesla’s, there are definitely more buyers that seek to give up on their cars. However, Fortune reports they are once again irritated by the return process, as the automaker presses for non-disclosure agreements.

The most recent “scandal” around Tesla emerged earlier this month when the automotive site Daily Kanban published a story focused on complaints over Model S suspension, claiming that the electric carmaker has tried to cover-up the problems by forcing owners to sign a “Goodwill Agreement.” Even if Elon Musk swiftly dismissed all the accusation, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also reacted and warned Tesla over its practice of using such abusive pacts.

Via Fortune


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