Tesla shakes up management as it searches for sales gurus image

Tesla Motors, the California-based maker of electric cars, recently announced it was still looking for the right executives to take on the challenges of leading sales of the company’s Asian, North American and European divisions.

Additionally, the company – led by billionaire entrepreneur and co-founder Elon Musk – said it also reassigned its vice president of global sales and service, Jerome Guillen, back to a customer-satisfaction position. The company seeks to rapidly tap growing sales demand across the world after last year its delivery goal was missed due to production woes. Now the 2015 sales goal stands at 74 percent better deliveries than in 2014 – though the company has found it can be a hustle to operate in China – the world’s largest auto market – and even California deliveries slid. The fast-growing company, which has jumped from startup to fully-fledged automaker in just a few short years, is also on its way to construct the world’s largest battery plant – while it also created an energy-storage unit. The automaker is also on its way of introducing the long-delayed Model X sport-utility vehicle.

Tesla announced it was currently interviewing candidates for the three regional sales leadership positions and once the assignments complete “Jerome’s focus will be on post-sales activity from delivery to long-term customer care, where he has done an incredible job, taking Tesla to the highest service satisfaction of any company in the auto industry by far.” The Palo-Alto headquartered carmaker has a goal of delivering 55,000 units in 2015 after reaching 31,655 sales last year – short of the initial 35,000 vehicles goal.

Via Bloomberg