While last month Tesla’s shares closed at $151, which seemed like an opportunity for a company buyout, the stock has now gone up with more than $80 and a recent analysis suggests they might go as high as $330.

If you’re looking to buy shares for Tesla, you might have to be a risk taker as the electric brand’s shares evolution is not a certain thing and does definitely not appeal to those interested in long-term auto investments.

Today Tesla’s shares closed at $240, registering a 60% increase compared to February. Bill Selesky, an analyst for the independent Argus Research Group said in a report that “Although Tesla has faced production shortfalls and cost overruns over the past 18 months, we believe that the company has made progress in addressing these issues and that it is poised for much stronger performance in the coming quarters.”

Selesky added that with the Tesla gigafactory having been completed, the production costs for Elon Musk’s project will be cut down by 30%, the Nevada plant also being extremely important for the production of the Model 3 car that will sell for around $35,000.

And even if conscious and eco consumers in 2016 still opt for SUVs at the moment, Tesla has managed to give a certain style to its green cars like no other carmaker has. The electric auto producer can actually be placed in the interest area of luxury car shoppers and has become a choice for premium car buyers in the face of electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf, the Chevy Volt or the Ford Focus electric vehicles.


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