Tesla shares rise after CEO uses Twitter to dispute WSJ story image

On Monday, shares of the company fell the most since the start of the month after the Wall Street Journal, citing WardsAuto, said the company’s sales in the US fell 26% in September.

Then, Tesla Motors billionaire co-founder and chief executive – Elon Musk – quickly disputed the figures on Twitter, saying that contrary to the story’s headline, the North American deliveries went up 65% and took a “record high” worldwide last month. Although the well-known entrepreneur used an alternative communications channel, we can’t dispute his figures – the legal conundrum would be huge if he lied.

So, before Tesla releases its quarterly sales figures, Brian Johnson, an analyst at Barclays Plc, made his own estimates on the sales in a note to clients. He says the company’s aggressive growth target of 13,000 units for the fourth-quarter is within reach with September deliveries “well ahead of our estimate.” Tesla’s full-year forecasted level of 35,000 units globally could be achieved if Asia delivers new gains.

According to Johnson’s estimate, North American deliveries during the third-quarter should reach around 4,900 Model S units and if the global sales during the period exceeded 8,800 units, than the company would earn 25 cents a share. Following the announcements made by Musk on Twitter, the stock grew 9.5% to $242.77 yesterday.

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