Yesterday, during an event in Beijing that also featured the presence of CEO Elon Musk, the company moved to start China sales, as it delivered the first eight Model S sedans.

The billionaire CEO and co-founder didn’t lose the opportunity to let reporters in on some of the company’s future plans for the local expansion, saying Tesla would start investing several hundred million dollars in order to build a charging network infrastructure, as well as several hundred service centers.

“My instructions to the team are to spend money as fast as they can spend it without wasting it,” Musk said.

The first customers received their cars in a small ceremony at Tesla’s office in a Beijing industrial park, also the location of the first Chinese charging station owned by Tesla.

“I’m incredibly appreciative of customers like you for taking a chance on a new product from a new company,” Musk told them. “Without customers like you, we would have no chance.”

The Californian electric car company aims to partner with China’s state-owned power monopolies, State Grid and Southern Grid in order to operate its future charging stations – which the company aims to implement in both cities and between them to allow for longer distance journeys.


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