Tesla still in the lead despite upcoming Audi Electric SUV image

While delays regarding the launch of the Model X SUV from Tesla might make its shareholders worry, Audi’s announcement has let them off the hook for the following three years.

Audi AG informed us all this Wednesday that the German manufacturer will unveil its concept version of an all electric SUV at the Frankfurt Auto Show next month, but the model will not be launched sooner than 2018. The company said that the Audi e-tron Quattro Concept will have a potential range of 310 miles and that the car will use the expertise the brand has gained from developing the forthcoming R8 e-tron, which is an all-electric two-seat sports car. The SUV’s length is going to be somewhere between that of the mid-range Audi Q5 and the Q7.

The battery will be a lithium-ion type, placed between the axles and below the passenger’s compartment and it will offer a low center of gravity and a balanced axle load distribution. This way, the car will have better dynamics and driving safety in comparison with other cars in that same segment.
The Audi Electric SUV will have three electric motors, one situated on the front axle, and two others on the rear. On the other hand, Tesla’s desired and awaited Model X SUV would most probably go on sale later in September this year. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, stated that this particular car model will double Tesla’s car sales. The carmaker is looking to sell 55,000 models worldwide this year as the company has delivered 21,552 Model S sedan in the first half of 2015.

By Gabriela Florea