Tesla takes the wraps off Model X 60D, priced from $74,000 image

The California-based electric vehicle manufacturer has again adjusted the size of the base offering in the Model X crossover range, now introducing the 60D for $74, 000.

There are numerous questions all over the Internet about Tesla right now – are sales going down? Is the Autopilot safe? Are the investors overzealous when pricing the Tesla stock? Is the company really trying to persuade Model 3 reservers to go on a limb and select the higher priced Model S and Model X vehicles? The latest update coming from the company is not going to put to rest any of those. But it might persuade some of the people that are looking to buy a Model 3 throw another eye to the Model X crossover. This is because not long after the company announced a new entry-level Model X 75D, the company is actually going even further down the price scale with the new 60D. It of course packs a shorter range – an EPA estimated range of 200 miles. But while it’s 37 miles less than the basic Model X 75D, it’s also down $9,000 on price.

In other respects, the owner won’t feel a difference against the 75D – the new Model X 60D will have a 60 mph (96 km/h) sprint time of six seconds and will top out at 130 mph (210 km/h). There’s another question arising now from the presentation of the new 60D – is this just another case of same battery size, electronically-limited range, like we’ve seen before? Only time will tell.