– Tesla taking the Autopilot to next level with assistance from Bosch and Mobileye image

While we’re still waiting for Elon Musk to reveal the second part of the company’s masterplan or the Second Phase of the Model 3 introduction, it appears the electric automaker needs to focus on its Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system.

The system has become highly controversial recently following a series of crashes and the first reported fatality during its usage – but there’s good news. Reportedly the company has started working with major automotive suppliers to improve the semi-autonomous system and the update could arrive via the usual over-the-air software upgrade. According to Musk’s own usual Tweet of the day reporting, significant modifications are in store. The billionaire entrepreneur has revealed the company is working with Bosch, the suppliers for the Autopilot’s radar, and Mobileye, which handles parts of the system.

The CEO even claims it’s possible to deliver “significant improvements” through an over-the-air software update – though not many details have actually been revealed. The rumor mill is looking at earlier hints – such as the “temporal smoothing” technique that enables the radar to see an object’s contours like LIDAR, and it could also soon pierce through rain or even snow. Musk hasn’t announced a timeframe but it could be happening alongside the company’s upcoming version 8.0 software. Tesla has come under scrutiny following the death of a person while using the Autopilot, but Musk is defending it saying the users don’t want to give it up either. The Tesla update on the masterplan is expected to come soon and it could feature information about the Autopilot, as well as Model 3 and the new generation Roadster.

Via Automotive News