Tesla to bring some updates to its Autopilot tech image

Tesla is said to prepare some major updates to its semi-autonomous driving Autopilot system that will see some new features brought in.

Tesla always self-praised its Autopilot, a system that is capable of taking control of the car during highway cruising and also seen by the company as the right technological path towards fully autonomous driving. Another particularity of the tech is its ability to receive over-the-air improvements. Electrek reports the company is now testing a major upgrade that will bring an additional off-ramp navigator that will allow the car to automatically change lane and exit an interstate by simply activating the turn signal. In addition, update 8.0 will introduce a more responsive Traffic-Aware cruise control system along with an improved Autosteer said to make driving much smoother.

The Autopilot interface will also be updated to show the vehicles surrounding the Tesla not only from behind, but in any direction they are moving. Voice commands are also said to be improved by removing the need to hold the button to use it and by showing a transcript of what drivers say. Finally, the navigation and media systems will also receive new features. Tesla’s Autopilot tech has been under scrutiny after a driver of a Model S was killed in accident while he was cruising with the system engaged. It is unknown if these updates are aimed to rectify the flaw that led to the crash, as the Autopilot failed to notice the white side of that tractor trailer against a brightly lit sky, so the brake was not applied.

Via Electrek