Tesla to further improve Model S image

According to CEO Elon Musk, as California-based Tesla is not bringing any new product this year, the electric automaker is now committed to refreshing its only car – the Model S.

And, because Tesla has managed to not only become America’s investor sweetheart – with a worth that rivals much bigger global automakers – but also revolutionize the business practices in the sector – there are refreshes to the cars that would also benefit customers who already bought the car.

That’s because – just like is the case with software in smartphones, for example – some current owners would get the improvements as part of software updates pushed automatically to the Model S already on the streets. The improvements are designed to assist the car’s computer brain learn more about the driver and its habits and adjust accordingly. For example, the navigation system would offer updated directions to usual locations, avoiding traffic jams, or the owner could give a name to his car in the mobile app.

“There aren’t many products that give people joy, and we want this to be one of those products,” said Musk.

New owners would get the Model S with an underbody shield – protecting the sensible area of the battery pack – after last year’s mishaps with fires resulted from objects piercing the underbody of the car. There are also new parking sensors and optional electric folding mirrors, while later on in the year one of the main customer complaints would be addressed – with Tesla coming up with a new driver’s seat.