Monday, September 24th, Tesla unveiled its fast solar-powered charging station, installed in California at 6 highway rest stops.

CEO Elon Musk said that the new roadside Supercharger will refuel EVs on long trips as fast as it would take a conventional car driver to stop for gas and a bathroom break.

“The innovation is the answer to the three major problems that are holding back electrical vehicles, or at least people think are holding back electrical vehicles,” Musk said before lifting the curtain from a giant model of one of the devices. “One is this question of being able to drive long distances conveniently.”

The stations can fully-charge the automaker’s new Model S sedan in about an hour, and even a half-an-hour charge can offer a 150-mile trip. The first six stations were secretly installed in Barstow, Hawthorne, Lebec, Coalinga, Gilroy and Folsom. Tesla spokeswoman Christina Ra said that currently the stations are available only for the company’s employee, but starting with October they can be used by the public too.

Musk said that the company plans to install more stations in California by the end of the year and spread all over the US in the following two years. Tesla’s Model S was unveiled in June at the base model costs $49,900.


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