Tesla Unveils Service Program to Boost Model S Sales image

Friday, April 26th, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled a service program aimed at convincing customers to buy EVs and boost sales of the Model S sedan.

The service program includes a battery pack warranty which covers damaged caused by poor maintenance, which means that Tesla will replace the battery with a similar one or with better capacity free of charge.
The warranty “wouldn’t apply if you take a blowtorch to the battery pack or blow it up or use it for target practice,” Chief Executive Musk said during a conference call. “As long as you haven’t intentionally tried to destroy it, then it’s covered by warranty.”

This move is part of Tesla’s strategy to deal with some of the problems which have affected EV sales, such as battery life and increased costs. In the following weeks, Musk said he will make another announcement, this time addressing the ‘range anxiety’ problem or the fear of being stranded without power.

Tesla also has the ‘valet service’ included in its program, which means that vehicles in need of repair will be picked up and owners will be offered a top-of-the-line loaner vehicle until their vehicles will be fixed. This service program will be available for Tesla’s next car, the Model X.

Source: Reuters